Wednesday, February 16, 2011


    I have decided what my blog theme will be!
I will make a drawing and write a story or poetry about it!   :)
( In the story I will tell you who or what inspired me to create the picture. )
what do you think? Post a comment of weather or not I should make my blog this theme please.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post Comments

  If you havn't noticed my blog is pretty random. So I thought I should pick a theme.
Please post a theme you think would be good for me to blog about.
I want to make this blog enjoyable for you and I, so make this theme family appropriate please.

This will help inprove my blog!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seasonal Jobs

 In the fall my friends and I rake leaves. We don't do it for money,
we just do it to spend time with each other, have fun, and to save
the neighors the trouble. They always seem to want to give us
money but we just look at them and say, "No thank you." For us it's not about
the money, it's about the fun we have, spending time helping the neighborhood.

During the summer my friends and I create an icey stand. We dont split the
 money,we dont spend the money on junk we dont need. We spend it on
more icey flavors. Basicly the icey stand was created to keep kids cool when
playing outside, but it has now grown to be a system where people drive by
 and order, we deliver, or even people on walks will stop by to get the delicious
treat. Our icey stand is called R "n" M's Icey Hut, or just R "n" M's for short.
We enjoy teating people with our iceys and we open every summer.

 Right now we dont have any jobs for winter or spring but once we find something to do,we plan to do it.

In the winter we could shovel snow but living in Oregon, there is only
the occational snow fall.In the spring we could plant gardens and trees in the
 field down the road, but we havn't thought so much about that yet.

Please post any jobs you can think of for winter and spring!
Keep our Oregonian weather in mind.



When life gives you lemons,
 you simply make lemonade.
You are the only one who can choose.
Make your lemonade sweet.
Or make it sour.
Maybe even tart.
The one thing you must remember is,
lemonade can never be perfect.

Author: J. Schaffran (Me)