Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last School Blog

   I am a little sad becuase I didnt find a theme...But I will keep posting random stuff.
I hope to find a theme that works but for now, my blog will remain the same.


money can buy food,
money can buy clothes,
money can buy shoes,
and money can buy a home.
but money cant buy time,
money cant buy life,
money cant buy love,
and money cant buy friends.

seasons come and go and so do friends.
you know they are friends when they:
have your back,
spend time with you,
and let you barrow stuff.

who said life was fair?
life is priceless.
dont let it slip out of your hands,
you get one shot at
and life.
dont throw away everything you have.
some people dont have what you have.
every friend is a gift and every day is a gift.

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